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About Staking VSYS

There are currently two options: Run a Supernode or delegate your VSYS tokens. Owners of VSYS coins can lease their coins to any Supernode candidate through the leasing function of the official V Systems wallet. They retain full control over private keys and do not require nodes to run.


Supernodes are the representatives of coin holders in v.systems that performs the collective minting duties of the Blockchain.
Supernodes act as minting pools in the minting economy by generating blocks to obtain rewards and benefit the VSYS Coin holders. They contribute to keep the v.systems blockchain highly efficient and provide a stable network for sustainable development.

Supernode minting rights are obtained by challenging the existing supernodes. After the application fee is settled and application message is received by the system, SPoS protocol will automatically compare the candidate's Minting Average Balance (MAB) with current supernodes to determine who the winner is. 
The winning node will become a supernode of the ecosystem. It is beneficial to gain the support from other coin holders in the network as it helps earning the position as a supernode.
Join Us as a Supernode candidate.
Supernodes are usually equipped with adequate technical specifications, affordable commission fee, decent reward distribution plan and proven contribution to the whole ecosystem.

If you are a highly-skilled supernode operation and maintenance team, and you have a scaling plan with adequate support from the community, apply to be a supernode candidate for v.systems now! To know more about supernode hardware requirement, please visit v.systems Github.  


Other ways to participate in minting If you are a VSYS Coin Holder Regardless of your technical background, it is extremely easy for VSYS Coin holders to participate in minting in just a few clicks and get rewards without building nodes. All VSYS Coin holders own the right to cancel the lease at any time, and your minting rewards will be distributed upon participation in minting. Check the current Supernode candidate list and related information on the Supernode page, and strat leasing your VSYS Coins for minting now.



V SYSTEMS (also known as VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a brand new digital economy era. The project will deliver the world's first object-oriented general purpose distributed database, which is empowered to carry complex decentralized applications.

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