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Zcoin (XZC)

Zcoin is the first full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which allows users to have complete privacy via Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs

  • Reward: 16.41%
  • Adjusted Reward: -8.41%
  • Compound Reward: 17.64%
  • Adjusted Compound Reward: -7.18%
  • Inflation: 28.40%
  • Lock-Up Period: -
  • Total Staked: 45.37%
  • Price: $3.87
  • Market Cap: $42,721,118
  • Rank: #179

About Zcoins Znode

Znodes are a special type of node that earn part of Zcoin’s block reward (currently at 30% of the block reward) in return for hosting a reliable and powerful node that helps to support the network. Znodes require a refundable collateral of 1000 XZC to ensure Znode holders have a stake in the coin and are incentivized to keep it working honestly, updated often and have a high uptime.

In the future, it is intended that Znodes serve as a building block for other services to be built on top of it including the delegation of Zerocoin transaction processing.

A Znode requires:

  • 1000 XZC (refundable at any time)
  • A computer or VPS with a fixed IP address
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Enough disk space to store the blockchain (55GB is recommended for the moment)

Typically a VPS of this specification costs around USD5 to run a month per node and you can head on to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Leaseweb, Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean to obtain a basic VPS when Znodes are launched. There will also be Znode providers who can assist you to set this up and/or maintain it for a small fee.


How to Set Up Znode