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About Staking ZEN

Horizen has one of the largest node networks in the industry with a multi-tiered node system. A robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network is the foundation for building any type of advanced blockchain application. Horizen’s massive and geographically dispersed node network improves the scalability, reliability, security and speed of the network. Horizen’s node infrastructure supports the public main blockchain as well as a large number of sidechains. Each node is rewarded for supporting the network. All Horizen Node Operators receive 10% of the block reward.

Horizen has three types of nodes:

Regular Full Nodes

All public blockchains require full nodes. Full nodes:

  • Are typically wallets running an instance of Horizen's core software.
  • Hold a fully up-to-date copy of the blockchain.
  • Are contactable via IP address with the correct port open (default: 9033)

Secure Nodes

  • Secure Nodes are full nodes with TLS encryption enabled to secure inter-node communication which prevents things like man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Horizen is the first blockchain to implement node-to-node TLS encryption.
  • Secure Node Operators each receive an equal share of 10% of the block rewards.

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Super Nodes

  • Super Nodes are currently more powerful Secure Nodes. In the future, they will host Horizen sidechains which will allow the tracking of Secure Nodes to be brought on-chain, an important step forward towards decentralization. They will also support many dApps that provide real-life services.
  • Super Node Operators each receive an equal share of 10% of the block rewards.

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Horizen is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and a leading-edge technology platform.Our sidechains will enable anyone to build privacy-based applications, allowing us to bring thousands of real-life services to the world.

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