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Unification FUND

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Lock-Up Period

21 days

Market Cap


xFUND’s supply starts at 0. It’s purpose is to enable off-chain governance for the entire Unification ecosystem and power a suite of products, including Oracle of Oracles. xFUND may be acquired on the open market or captured as emissions by Validators staking Mainnet FUND.

xFUND Emissions Process

The distribution of xFUND is designed in a way to reward validators on the network. This is how it works:

  • Validator’s register their node’s ERC20 address
  • Voting Power snapshot taken daily at 00:00 UTC
  • Weighted Allocations based on Total Voting Power
  • Active Validators are Included in the Emissions Algorithm
  • 24 xFUND emitted daily

Validator’s Are Granted Full Custody Of Their Accrued xFUND

Staking $FUND With The Official Unification Web Wallet

With the official web wallet, $FUND token holders can securely delegate $FUND to nodes who will stake these for you and share a commission % of the rewards accrued for running the network. You always maintain control and ownership of your private keys and $FUND.

Install The $FUND Web Wallet


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