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What is StaFi?

StaFi is the first decentralized protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets , you can staking your PoS token through StaFi and get rToken. rToken will enable you get the staking reward and trade the locked staking token at the same time.

What's rToken?

rToken is short for reward Token. When you staking PoS token through StaFi, you will get an equal amount of rToken.For example,staking Atom,then you can get rAtom,staking XTZ then you get rXTZ. Owning rToken means that you have the right to redeem the corresponding amount of locked staked token, and the right to get staking reward. In addition, you can also trade rToken instead of staking token.

How to liquid my staking token?

You can staking your token through Staking contracts built in StaFi, all you have to do is use the tool to staking your token, rToken can be exchanged in Dex and Cex in the near future.

What's FiS?

FIS is the native token of StaFi Protocol, which is used to secure the protocol, with FIS, you can staking, pay tx fee and mint rToken in StaFi.

How to trade rTokens?

rToken will list in Dex and Cex, trading pair like rToken/staking token will bring staker a better choise to liquid their staking token.

How to use rToken?

You can mint rToken by Staking contracts' staking, and rToken will be destroyed when stakers redeem the original token Of course, you can also sell rToken on an exchange, or hold rToken to get staking reward.

Is rToken ERC20?

rToken is issued by staking contracts built in substrate, the native rToken is substrate compatible, but there will be a bridge connecting Ethereum and StaFi, rToken can be swapped to ERC20.

What if staking token get slashed when I hold rToken?

Try to select the validator with good reputation to avoid slash risks. If slash did occurs unfortunately, the losses will be covered by all delegators of slashed validators.

At least how many tokens do I need to receive FIS airdrop?

You need to Stake at least 1 Token (such as 1 XTZ or 1 ATOM). You will not be able to get any FIS airdrop if you Stake for less than 1 Token. If more XTZ are staked, there will be a higher rate of return. When the value of Stake reaches 100K USD, the rate of return reaches the maximum.

My tokens have already been Staked. Can I still receive FIS airdrop?

Yes. But in this case, the number of FIS you receive will be reduced by 20%.

For how long do I need to Staking in order to obtain FIS?

You need to keep Staking till the end of the event to receive FIS. If you cancel Staking or reduce the number of Staked tokens in the middle, you will not get any FIS. During the campaign, the longer the Staking period, the higher the yield.

What are the benefits of holding FIS?

StaFi Protocol provides Stakers with liquidity of their tokens and charges for that, which will mainly be used to buy-back FIS and burn it. This will translate into added value for each and every FIS holder. If you use your FIS to engage in the online consensus, you can also get a systemic inflation reward.

Why Stakingdrop?

Drop is a process of looking for "Stakeholders". The airdrop claimers have to pay a certain operating cost, so that the irrelevant people are filtered out. In this way, the airdrop can accurately fall into the hands of people who have the knowledge and interest in Staking, which is beneficial to a more flourished and active community. In addition, StaFi is a protocol that provides liquidity for Staking assets. Stakers on the existing PoS chain are potential users of StaFi.

Why do I need to submit a certificate before getting FIS?

We need to know that you have controlled over the address to receive FIS, otherwise someone will defraud FIS with a false address.

The process is very simple, just to send a small amount transaction to the designated account.

Say I am a validator, and my Staking Tokens (for example: XTZ) are delegated by others. Can I receive FIS?

You can only receive the FIS proportionate to your own Staking Token;From the Staking Token delegated by others, the delegator will obtain corresponding FIS. (Unless the delegation process is off-chain and unverifiable)

What cost do I have to pay to receive the airdrop?

You will have to devote some time and energy to follow the requirements, including creating a FIS account, submitting proof of Staking and proof of account ownership. You will also pay the capital(sunk) cost of Staking Token, but the benefits of Staking will offset this cost.

How many stages does StaFi airdrop? When does the next stage of airdrop begin?

StaFi airdrop takes 2 to 3 stages. The next stage of airdrop will be conducted after the StaFi mainnet is launched. The goal is to encourage users to use the StaFi protocol. The methods of airdrop in the next stage will be adjusted: only those who conduct Staking through StaFi protocol can obtain FIS airdrop. The mainnet rollout and of Stage-2 airdrop will be around this autumn.

Stafi Tutorial | How to stake FIS


StaFi is a DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards.

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