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How to stake NAS on Huobi

What do you earn from staking NAS on Huobi Pool?

  • Stake NAS to get HPT.
  • Holding 1000 or more HPT can obtain distribution coins including EOS TRX ONG CMT IOST IRIS ATOM BTM NEW ARPA LXT LOL CRO QTUM

To start staking follow below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Find HPT Mining/Locked and go lock NAS
  3. Enter amount of NAS you want to stake and choose period of staking. It will show estimated daily HPT earnings below. The minimum staking amount is 550 NAS.
  4. You’re done! You can check your daily earning in user center/income record.

You can also use Huobi Pool App to stake NAS. It’s easier and flexible.

Web dStaking portal:

Cold Wallet dStaking tutorial


  1. Open index.html in the dstaking-webclient file and select offline staking.
  2. On an online computer, check the NAS balance and nonce of pledging address.
  3. Choose “Get account state”, input your pledging NAS address and query.
  4. On an offline computer, choose “generate offline raw tx”, select the keystore file, input password and confirm to unlock the pledging address.
  5. Input the amount of staking and number of nonce (the number of nonce should be checked nonce number plus 1. For example, checked nonce number is 2, then input nonce 3.)
  6. Generate raw tx, and then save the file of signed data.
  7. On an online computer, choose “send tx”, upload the saved file of signed data and then click “send tx”. Then the pledge information is submitted on chain. The pledge is completed.
  8. You can check the transaction hash on


  • After the pledge is completed, NAX will automatically distributed to the pledge address everyday. You can check NAX distribution details under NAX tag on You can also check the next NAX distribution period on dStaking dashboard:
  • When a transfer-out transaction occurs at the pledged address and the balance is less than the pledged amount, the pledge is automatically invalidated and will no longer be distributed NAX. If you need to pledge, please operate again and fill in a new pledge amount.
  • dStaking smart contract:


Nebulas is a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains. It is an open source public chain.

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