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Staking DIVI

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Staking FAQs

Does my wallet need to be open to receiving staking rewards?

Yes, in order to earn staking rewards, your node must be funded with at least 10,000 DIVI, be unlocked (or unlocked for staking), and have a persistent connection to the network.

What is the minimum amount of DIVI coins I need to enable staking?

10,000 DIVI and they must not be funding a masternode already.

How many confirmations are required before staking rewards are mature?

It takes 7 days to be fully staking. A detailed description of staking rewards and how to maximize them is here: Staking Divi

Where can I see the rewards each of my masternodes has been receiving?

In the masternode list in the wallet, there’s a box with reward information.

How do I defund a masternode?

From the GUI, all you have to do is click the ‘X’ on any of your nodes. If you’re using CLI, you can delete the configuration line relating to the node in the masternode.conf file then restart your daemon. This will de-allocate the funds.

How can I tell if I am receiving masternode rewards?

All masternode rewards are currently for 540 DIVI. Look for them in Overview or in the Rewards tab in Transaction History.

What is the difference between total balance and spendable balance?

Your total balance includes coins that are funding your masternode(s). Those are locked away and can’t be spent unless you defund them. Spendable balance then is everything left over, and it’s what you can Stake with.


Divi is a new blockchain and "Smart Wallet" created to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the masses.

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