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Overview DECRED

Decred coin holders can opt-in to project governance by pseudorandomly locking their coins in exchange for tickets in order to earn staking rewards. By participating, stakeholders help secure the network by voting to approve the work of the miners, and gain voting rights on proposed changes to the Decred blockchain and project management via Politeia. 
Because tickets are called pseudorandomly and a wallet must be online to vote when a ticket is called, many people use a Voting Service Provider (VSP) using Decrediton or dcrwallet. VSPs lack access to your funds and are tasked with relaying your voting preferences to the network.

How to stake DCR

PoS is used in Decred to validate PoW mining work and approve or reject proposed rule changes to the consensus protocol. Decred holders time-lock, or stake DCR to obtain voting tickets. Ticket holders currently earn 5.80 DCR per block (1.16 per ticket * 5 tickets per block), or 30% of the block reward for voting.

Decred uses a lottery system to select the active voting tickets for a block from a pool based on pseudorandomness contained in the block header. Each ticket is randomly selected to vote from a current pool of 40,820 tickets using a Poisson distribution with an average selection time of ~ 28 days and a maximum time of ~ 142 days (4.7 months). If a ticket is not selected (0.5% chance), it expires and the original ticket price is refunded. Once a ticket has voted, missed or expired, the funds (ticket price plus the block reward minus the ticket fee) enter a 256 block (~ 20 hours) waiting period before being returned to the owner. Factoring in immaturity periods, Decred has an average staking lock-up of 30.74 days (29.07 days + 1.67 day immaturity period), though it can be as long as ~ 144 days.

POS Voting Complete Explanation:

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Voting Complete Explanation


How to stake Decred

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Decre is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development. It utilizes a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system to ensure that a small group cannot dominate the flow of transactions or make changes to Decred without the input of the community. A unit of the currency is called a decred (DCR).

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