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About Staking COTI

COTI’s staking model is built to be competitive to DeFi income models and provides a means to generate a steady income from the process of transaction approval in the COTI network.
The economic model of COTI nodes is designed to be fair, efficient and flexible and is based on finely tuned fee distribution mechanisms and staking requirements.
COTI’s staking model allows users to run Full Nodes, which are decentralized servers processing wallet requests, receiving transactions, and performing the required Proof of Trust work (PoT). When running nodes, operators provide the network with useful resources, including CPU, memory, storage and network bandwidth. These resources are not free of charge, which is why the node operator is compensated and has the opportunity to earn a reasonable ROI.
Full Node operators receive fees collected from transactions. The more transactions a Full Node processes, the more it earns.

How To Stake COTI

Staking is now automated through the COTI MainNet wallet for approved stakers. There are certain requirements and and minimums for different options. The easiest is to delegate to a community node, which is a single-click operation within the official wallet. Make sure to contact the team if you’d wish to stake as a TestNet or MainNet operator at [email protected]

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COTI is the worlds first blockchain protocol optimized for decentralized payments, designed for use by merchants, governments, payment dApps and stable coin issuers.

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