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About BitBay:

BitBay is a suite of free-to-use, multi-platform applications including the world’s first fully-functional Decentralized Marketplace.

Powered by Unbreakable Smart Contracts and a Proof of Stake 3.0 cryptocurrency, BitBay enables you to buy and sell goods and services securely and anonymously, without the need for middlemen

How to stake BitBay (BAY)

We do recommend using Virtual Private Server (VPS) or your own computer to run BitBay core wallet with a copy of the blockchain.

Some details on BitBays PoS 3.0:

  • New block added to blockchain every 64 seconds.
  • Coin maturity 120 confirmations at 64 second blocks = 128 minutes
  • 1% annual increase in coins supply enforced by POS 3.0 protocol (see below)
  • Staking Protocol: POS 3.0 (Originating from the Blackcoin developer known as “rat4”.
  • POS 3.0’s whitepaper can be found here.
  • Its main upgrades are that it enforces a true APR of the coin supply.
  • Mature coins can only stay mature if you keep your wallet running

Staking with BitBay is easy. We suggest that you start by using our staking calculator to set your expectations of profit before getting started. To begin, you must download either the BitBay Markets Client wallet, the BitBay QT wallet, or purchase the BitBay Staking Box. Once the coins are in your wallet, all you have to do is check the “enable staking” box in settings, and then unlock your wallet. After that is completed, you will be staking after roughly 2 hours. Everything is automated, and requires no more effort on your part. You will be eligible to earn rewards as long as you stay connected to the network.

More information can be found here: BitBay How To


BitBay is a decentralized blockchain trading platform based on smart contracts technology.

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