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Trust Wallet Referral program (updated)

Trust Wallet Referral program (updated)

    The Trust Wallet team are running an Invite a Friend campaign. Invite family, friends, and colleagues and let them start using the Trust Wallet app. Earn a Trust Wallet Token (TWT), which can be used in the application. Tokens are distributed at the beginning of each next month before which you were active.

    Referrer reward
    ~$1-5 (100-500 TWT)
    Referral reward
    100-500 TWT
    DropsEarn score

  • Project Type: MobileWallet
  • Program type: Referral
  • Payout: Every Month
  • Min for withdrawal: 500 TWT
  • Referral lifetime: Not limited
  • Level: One level
  • Links: Official Announcement Official website Announcement of Trust Wallet Referral Program Version 2

How To

  1. Download trust vallet app;
  2. Register your account in the application;
  3. Go to settings;
  4. Select "invite friend";
  5. Share the link with your friends and relatives;
  6. Expect rewards next month.

Additional Information:

  • Trust Wallet team will not tolerate any kind of manipulation and will not allow any user to gain advantage by doing a self-invite through multiple accounts.
  • Trust Wallet team will cancel all referrals that are deemed invalid, for the referrer and invitee. Users will banned and will not be eligible to participate in any future campaigns as well.
  • Trust Wallet team reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

Your Referral Rewards Status

Once you have received your rewards, the app will reset your counters back to zero (0). And if your code is Active, then you can already start referring more users for the month of April.

Some users may see the following instead:

  • If your status is Banned, you are not qualified to receive any rewards.
  • An Inactive status means you are still eligible for rewards but further referrals will not work for you. It has been explained on this article how to Activate Your Referral Rewards.

Why are my Rewards Not Sent?

There will be a lot of users who will be affected by this. And here is the explanation for that. For users who did not get at least 500 TWT, the tokens will not be released. Your rewards will remain on your account until you reach the minimum requirement. Continue accumulating your referrals and your rewards will be credited to you by next month.

New Rules for Referrals

  • Only those with Active status can do referrals.
  • There will be limits on how many you can refer in a month.
  • Stricter screening on the usage of referral links. IP restrictions will be set in place.
  • We highly discourage posting of referral links in Airdrop groups, as these are considered spam.
  • Unconfirmed information such as TWT price value or even Exchange listings will not be tolerated.
  • Request to activate referral codes will be ignored.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of the promotion will get you banned

Updates from July 29, 2020

When a new user downloads Trust Wallet with your referral code and buys $50+ worth of crypto in the app, both of you will receive 500 TWT.

As a bonus, the first 10,000 successful referrals under this new program will receive a 500 TWT bonus, meaning both the referrer and the referee get 1,000 TWT each!

Rewards will be paid 1-2 days after a successful referral and in the near future, we hope to make the referral rewards instant.

When does it start?

From August 1 PST the new referral program will be live and you can start earning!

Once the new referral program starts, all inactive referral codes will be activated. Banned codes will remain banned.