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Guarda Wallet Referral Program

Guarda Wallet Referral Program

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Referrer reward

from 0.5% of transaction

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Start earning with 0.5% of your friends exchange in 3 easy steps:

Set up your Wallet

Choose a wallet for rewards and get a link

  • Create or log in to your wallet
  • Open the Settings tab and select a wallet for rewards
  • Generate your personal referral link

Share via your unique link

Let your friends know about all the amazing features available in Guarda Wallet and be among the very first people to own our exclusive GRD token.

Earn GRD tokens

Become one of the first and proud owners of Guarda’s unique, ecosystem-integrated token. Starting with exchanges, earn GRD tokens when your friend makes a swap, purchase, etc. Over time, these options will gradually expand.

See the detailed rules.



Get your early-bird ticket to the ultimate Guarda Ecosystem by joining Referral Program and earning GRD tokens with your friends.


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