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Eidoo Referral Program

Eidoo Referral Program

    Introducing the Eidoo app and Eidoo Card referral programs, available to all our European users. It rewards you for inviting your friends, families and colleagues to the Eidoo universe. Every time someone downloads the Eidoo app using your unique referral code and passes their Tier 2 verification, you receive 5 USD worth of PNT. Your friend will also receive 2 USD worth of ETH so they can kick off their DeFi journey.

    Referrer reward
    $5 in PNT tokens
    Referral reward
    DropsEarn score

  • Project Type: Registration Referral KYC
  • Program type: Referral
  • Payout: None
  • Referral lifetime: Forever
  • Level: One level


How to Participate 

  1. Make sure you’ve passed Tier 2 verification in the Eidoo app.
  2. Email our support team to request your unique referral code
  3. Share your unique link with all your friends, family and colleagues based in the EU. There is no limit to how many times your code can be used, and there’s no expiration date. Your friends must click on your unique link using their mobile (iOS or Android) as the desktop app is not supported.
  4. Your friends must download the app using only your link and pass their Tier 2 verification. You’ll soon start to see your PNT rolling in! Your friends will receive their ETH so they can immediately begin exploring and interacting with all our exciting features. 


Want a free Eidoo Card or account upgrade? 

Earn the full cashback amount for your account type, with no burning or staking required. Learn all about the Eidoo Card here, and check out the exciting rewards program

You can also unlock a free Eidoo Card or account upgrade when enough friends sign up for a card using your unique link (and pass their Tier 2).

Only users that meet the above requirements can receive the referral rewards.