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Bithumb Referral Program

Bithumb Referral Program

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30% commission

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On the next day.

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Event Rules

  1. After the friends accept the invitation and complete the registration, you can get the corresponding percentage of referral commission for each real transaction fee generated by the friend in the platform.
  2. Users who are not invited to register can fill in the invitation code on the individual invitation referral commission page within 72 hours after successful registration.
  3. The referral commission will be returned to your account in the form of actual token. Users who invite friends directly will get a 30% commission, while users who invite indirectly will get 10% commission.Users who accept the invitation will get a 10% commission of the transaction fees.
  4. The referral commission will be counted the next day after the trading date of invitee, and will be received before 10:00 (UTC+8) on the next day; Commission amount = actual trading amount * commission percentage * referral commission percentage
  5. The effective period of the referral commission is calculated based on the actual registration time of the inviter or the successful supplement of the invitation code after registration. After the effective period (90 days), you will not be entitled to the commission generated by the transaction of the inviter.
  6. Update the monthly ranking of the previous month on the 1st of each month.
  7. Daily settlement time: 00:01:00; 7. Daily payment time: within 10 hours after settlement
  8. Commission fee of deposit and withdrawal, and the interest of leverage are not included in referral commission.
  9. If the invitee violates the relevant risk control rules of the referral commission, his commission fee will not be returned to the inviter. Meanwhile, the invitee's invitation status will be changed to "Forbidden" and the status of records will be changed to "Stop Distribution".
  10. Any adjustment of activities shall be subject to the update of Bithumb Global, and the final interpretation right belongs to Bithumb Global.


Invite friends to register Bithumb Global to easily get commissions.


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