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Zeedz Initial NFT Offering (INO)

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Climate change is a reality - and the time to act is now. The world has to be carbon neutral by 2050. It's the one and only chance we have to preserve our planet - for us and every generation to come.

Besides Governmental laws, we need:

  • Awareness, knowledge and easy ways to contribute for individuals

  • Financial resources and spotlight for non-profit actors

  • Motivation for corporate actors to become more sustainable

So what is Zeedz?

Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game that not only generates financial contributions for non-profits but also creates broad awareness for global warming and actively incentivises a sustainable lifestyle, connecting in-game challenges with real-world weather phenomena and educational content.


Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game where players reduce global carbon emissions by collecting plant-inspired creatures: Zeedles. They live as NFTs on an eco-friendly blockchain and grow with the real-world weather.

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from 17 Dec 2021 13:00(UTC+3)

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