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Wiggle Worm Fishing Club NFT Collection

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Wiggle Worm Fishing Club NFT Collection

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WWFC is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum blockchain. Worms community will be able to mint assembled avatars from over 200 unique hand-drawn traits by the wigglest dad ever! Your Wiggle Worm doubles as your fishing license, grant access to members-only benefits. Future benefits will be unlocked by the community through the activation of the roadmap.

Note: Fifty worms are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, events rewards and for WWFC creators.

Hook your fishing licence

Buying a Wiggle Worm offer you a sit in the exclusive WWFC community. Your avatar, is not just a provably rare piece of art, it can also be used as your fishing licence. 

Licence classes

Worms are generated using 200 traits with more than 1 million possibilities! Each character is a unique combination of 1 body, 1 hat, 1 face, 1 necklace & 1 background.

Rarity is established according to the drawing complexity. The rarest your worm is, the more you will unlock advantages! We have defined 6 levels of rarity that you can find below.


10,000 NFTs total.

Activity Type

Digital Art


5 Feb 2022 23:00(UTC+3) - 6 Feb 2022 23:00(UTC+3)

Event Status

You can't participate (Event ended)