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Which Witch by Karen Jerzyk

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Which Witch by Karen Jerzyk

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‘Which Witch’ NFT is a piece photographed frame by frame and turned into stop animation. Karen also created the audio for this artwork.

“When everything was shut down due to covid in March 2020, I absolutely panicked. I was too terrified to come into contact with anyone outside of who I lived with. Who would I shoot? What would I do? How would I create? This was answered by purchasing some mannequins on the internet. I would dress them up and arrange them in my sets- probably weird? Who knows. Anyway, I was like “wtf do I do for the faces?”, and I started making masks” – tells Karen the backstory of this piece.


Karen is a photographer who adores telling stories through my images. In addition, she also crafts her own characters and puts them into the setting she also creates herself. Karen is into sci-fi vibes, meshing the past and future, and lots of color.

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Karen Jerzyk


4 Jun 2021 08:00(UTC+3) - 5 Jun 2021 08:00(UTC+3)

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