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Unique ChessNFT Collection

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Introducing a unique type of NFT: Hybrid NFTs. This unique opportunity enables ChessNFT fans to own both the tokenized and physical items from exclusive events such as the FIDE World Championship and more.

Collect and trade digital moment collectibles

With complete marketplace functionality due later this month, ChessNFT will welcome new crypto demographic, bringing utility to both chess players and fans through the digitalization and gamification of iconic match moments, unique collectables, chess-related art and many more exciting opportunities. The platform’s interface will accommodate the bid on and purchase of chess NFTs that live on-chain through the use of both fiat and cryptocurrencies. 

Alexander Filatov, Co-Founder and CEO of TON Labs, commented, “Pairing the classic and universally loved sport of chess with the world of blockchain and crypto has the capability of bringing chess to the forefront of the minds of an entirely new cohort of fans across the globe. Free TON’s unique technology will allow us to deliver a seamless experience to millions of users monthly. By creating this platform, we are giving the wider chess community the opportunity to explore their passion in a unique, fully decentralized, digital capacity as well as experiencing true NFTs.”

This partnership comes as FIDE chose the Free TON Network due to its ability to process transactions on a global scale. This feat is made possible through Free TON’s multi-threading features with several workchains which dynamically scale to meet user demand. User security is ensured thanks to full decentralization and unmatched throughput of transactions per second.

Arkady Dvorkovich, President of FIDE, concluded, “FIDE has started an exciting and ambitious journey of digitalization to bring new experiences and opportunities to the chess enthusiasts around the world. We are excited for one of the first steps to be a comprehensive NFT marketplace, coming right in time for the world championship match in Dubai this November.”

About TON Labs

Founded in May 2018, TON Labs is a global collective of experts in decentralized application development, and the core developer of the Free TON network -- a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component TON OS. As the core developer of Free TON, TON Labs is committed to optimizing the development of applications easily accessible to global communities and enterprises. 

True end-to-end decentralization is enabled by the TON Operating System (OS), a technology stack that expedites blockchain development and lives on the community-driven Free TON blockchain. With absolute trust and legitimate data ownership, developers are furnished with the tools to foster mass adoption of liberating and integrous tech. 

For more information, please visit https://tonlabs.io/

About FIDE

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) is the governing body of the sport of chess regulating all international chess competitions. Constituted as a non-governmental institution, it was recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Global Sporting Organization in 1999. It was one of the very first International Sports Federations, alongside the governing bodies of the sports of football, cricket, swimming, and auto racing. It is now one of the largest sports federations, encompassing 196 countries as affiliate members, in the form of National Chess Federations. 

For more information, please visit https://www.fide.com.


Best chess moments on the sport's first global NFT marketplace.

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