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The Cult DAO: culD NFT Collection

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The Cult DAO: culD NFT Collection

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The Cult DAO community will be voting on which NFTs or crypto assets to invest in for the benefit of all DAO members.

The NFT token registered in the Ethereum blockchain - Girl in the Helmet, grants its holders exclusive ownership of the NFTs stored within the Cult DAO treasury.

Simply by holding a Girl in the Helmet NFT token, individuals will not only have the unique opportunity to own current and future limited NFT collections, but also to obtain exclusive access to other member privileges, giveaway raffles, and future Cult DAO events!

The revenue generated from the final 1,000 NFT mints and 100% of post-sale royalties will go towards the DAO treasury.


CulD is a collection of 2,900 generative NFT avatars, which is the entry ticket for Cult members.

Athena - live on Ethereum
10 helmets
10 color schemes for helmets
10 costumes
10 color schemes for costumes
Super rare golden mutation ( < 0.99 %)


A member of the Valkyrie cult. The members of this sect are excellent pilots and have the strongest fleet of fast ships in the galaxy.


A member of the Meta cult. Followers of this sect are the greatest explorers of meta universes and know how to create new worlds.


A member of the Fox cult. The members of this cult are merchants. All better deals come with their participation, and you had better be on their side.


A member of the DJ cult. The ancestors of this sect were composers. Through music they create moods and broadcast their vision of beauty.


A member of the Wasp cult. Followers of this cult dedicated themselves to predicting the future. The highest stage of development for them is to accept the future as a given.


A member of the Katana cult. Warriors. They are characterized by fearlessness. They consider it an honor to die in battle.


A member of the Sphere cult. The followers of this sect have made it their goal to preserve the knowledge of all the sciences of the universe, they keep the information and help scientists in their endeavors.


A member of the Shield cult. High-class programmers, all the best programs in the universe are written by them, all the greatest hacks are also their handiwork.


A member of the Ronin cult. Followers of this sect are mercenaries and travelers. The main thing for them is a sense of freedom.


A member of the Reptile cult. The most closed sect, no one knows what their goals are, no one can guess the history of their association.

Golden mutation

Only in black color scheme, every type of helmet has golden mutation



For every NFT you purchase, you also gain membership privileges. It’s similar to buying governance tokens in a regular DAO. The NFT becomes a membership pass.

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Generative Art



from 13 Jan 2022 21:00(UTC+3)

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