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Jack Black and Kyle Gass make up the Greatest Band in the World: Tenacious D. They started playing together in Kyle’s studio apartment on Cochran Ave in Los Angeles. No one could have ever dreamed of where the band’s genius would take them, but take them it did...
The band had a variety series on HBO (1999), a feature film Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006), and an animated film Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto (2018) accompanied by a rock album (2018) and graphic novel (2020). The duo received a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album for their 2012 album Rize of the Fenix and went on to win a Grammy in the category of Best Metal Performance for their cover of Ronnie James Dio’s “The Last In Line” (2014).


Tenacious D brings Post-Apocalypto to the blockchain! On September 28, 2018, Tenacious D began rolling out weekly episodes of its animated magnum opus Post-Apocalypto - culminating in both the one-hour viewing masterpiece, as well as the accompanying album. Post-Apocalypto the movie is visually composed of hundreds of frames drawn solely by Jack Black himself, with Jack Black and Kyle Gass voicing all of the characters. This NFT collection consists of four unique artworks with audio from the Post-Apocalypto movie. A special artwork edition of 25 contains custom Jack Black audio recorded specifically for this artwork and comes with a SIGNED physical copy of Post-Apocalypto: The Graphic Novel. The 1 of 1 artwork includes a signed physical copy of Post-Apocalypto: The Graphic Novel, and a congratulatory Zoom session with JB and KG.

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