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The Tarogramma Archive by Damien Cifelli

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The Tarogramma Archive by Damien Cifelli

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Damien Cifelli is an award-winning multi-disciplinary visual artist who has exhibited internationally. Each of his NFTs serve as artefacts from the fictional world of Tarogramma, a place that lives in parallel with our own world. It is a hidden place that explorers have been searching for for centuries; it is believed by some to be an inaccessible forgotten city, others to be the afterlife, and many to be completely fictional. The images function as visual storytelling, similar to a novel or a movie. Images may be objects, portraits or scenes representing the daily lives of inhabitants of Tarogramma. There are recurring characters, icons, clothes, locations and specific artefacts. Each piece has its own unique story that adds to the Tarogramma universe. Created with traditional techniques such as drawing, oil painting and sculpture; they are converted into NFTs to tell the story of a world both similar and alien to our own.


Tarogramma is the fictional world, a parallel universe. NFTs within the upcoming drop by Damien Cifelli are characters, icons, clothes, locations, and specific artefacts from Tarogramma. Each piece has its own unique story. All these objects are drawn from the Tarogramma Archive. NFTs from ‘The Tarogramma Archive’ are drawn, oil painted, and sculptured. Besides owning the artefacts and images, collectors will have a chance to be fictional archeologists who uncover new elements of the Tarogramma universe.

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Damien Cifelli


14 May 2021 16:00(UTC+3) - 15 May 2021 16:00(UTC+3)

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