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Slope Halloween NFTs Crazy Night

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Slope Halloween NFTs Crazy Night

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Since this year’s Halloween is close by, Slope Finance on this occasion would like to collaborate with global communities to launch a Halloween NFTs airdrop event to spice up the Halloween vibe. The Slope team will design a variety of NFTs and customize airdrop events for our global communities. Participants who meet the requirements will get the NFT for free.

Name: Slope Halloween NFTs Crazy Night

Time: 10:00 am Oct. 25–10:00 am Oct. 29 UTC

Total Amount: 5,000 NFTs


  • Slope’s NFTs are specially designed for our global community, and the total amount is limited.
  • This activity is available on Slope Mobile Wallet Only.
  • Winners should claim NFTs within the specified time, otherwise, they will not be able to claim.
  • All Slope Finance NFTs will also be used as vouchers, stay tuned for activities in the future.

How to participate?

  1. Join Slope Finance Community:
  2. Join Slope Finance Channel:
  3. Follow us on Twitter:
  4. Join Slope Finance Discord Community:
  5. Fill in the Google Form with the screenshot of the Slope Wallet address, then copy and paste your address.
  6. The winners will be randomly selected and announced by the Slope team.

Winner Announcement

  1. Winners will be announced by 10:00 am Oct 31th UTC.
  2. Winners can claim their NFT at Slope Mobile Wallet on 12:00 pm Nov 1st UTC. Users only have 48 hours to claim NFT.

Please note:

  • If you transfer your assets to our address mistakenly, the Slope team will not refund.
  • Each participant has only 1 chance to apply for NFT.
  • NFT will be distributed within 24 hours.


In case you are new to Slope Wallet, you can download Slope Wallet at:

About Slope Finance

Building the World’s Best Mobile Decentralized Exchange and Wallet.

Slope Finance, a community-driven full-stack platform that consists of the sectors of DEX, Wallet, and NFTs built atop Solana, provides blazing-fast speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. The goal is to forge a ‘Robinhood of DeFi.’

The firstly-launched Slope Wallet, as the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana, provides.

Slope DEX and Slope NFTs Market users with a better-than-ever user experience.



Slope Finance airdrops 5,000 NFTs for all community users.

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25 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 29 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3)

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