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Ryan Tedder to Debut NFT collection on Origin

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Ryan Tedder to Debut NFT collection on Origin

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This first NFT offering is a collaboration with Swiss graffiti artist Bustart and the visual and audio elements are all custom-created for this collection. The campaign will celebrate a throwback to Ryan’s youth and view of life — evoking happiness, irreverence, and animated nostalgia.
The drop will go live Tuesday, April 27th on ryantedder.com. You can sign up for notifications and reminders on Origin today so you don’t miss out on the NFT drop.
In addition to his musical endeavors, Ryan has been invested in the modern art community for a while now. From Keith Haring to Basquiat to lesser known artists, he supports artists across genres and admires what each art piece says about its creator and their artistic vision and culture. His desire to move into the NFT space is driven by his excitement about modern art meshing with creative innovation. He not only wants to enter into the space himself, with fresh eyes and proven artistry, but he also hopes to honor the artists and engineers who have been pioneers in this space by providing mainstream exposure to the NFT movement. Ryan is committed to releasing multiple NFT collections in the coming months and also wants to help shepherd in new creators to engage with collectors and fans in new and unique ways.
Origin welcomes the chance to work with visionary artists such as Ryan — artists that are looking to innovate, challenge, and create something completely new in the process. Keep your ear to the ground for all the upcoming launches and announcements from Origin Protocol.


Origin is excited to announce the upcoming release of an exclusive NFT collection from the Grammy award-winning songwriter, producer, and frontman of ONEREPUBLIC — Ryan Tedder. As an avid collector of modern art and a prolific musician, Ryan has positioned himself to be on the forefront of the emerging metaverse and to encourage a new audience to participate in the world of NFTs.

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