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NFT Drop by Daniel Allen Cohen

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Alongside the Happy Hour Clock, Cohen is releasing two digital NFT characters: Barry Backwood and Mr. Jaylington, who live in the Metaverse on your digital walls. You can also expect to see another Periodic Table piece from This Is Addictive and 710 Labs. “I’m releasing a new Live Resin Element with 710 Labs live rosin,” says Cohen. “It’s going to be an addition of 3, also available on Nifty Gateway.”

“I think that it’s giving ownership to the collectors, and allowing them to feel like it’s not just a digital art piece, but it’s actually something they can own,” says Cohen of the newfound agency in NFTs. “That can appreciate in value. My goal is to give these pieces to the collector at an affordable price so they can keep them, or flip them and allow them to appreciate in value.”

NFT offers a powerful, innovative and tech-glossed future for artists. Unlike classic gallery artwork, NFTs can make the artist a percentage of money when it is sold and resold. Often art pieces appreciate in value over time. As the piece is sold and resold, the artist gets paid 10% every time the artwork changes hands.

“That’s valuable because the model in the traditional art world, once it left the artist’s hands, it’s the only payment the artist will ever receive,” says Cohen. “Today, you have this seismic shift in the paradigm in how artists are getting compensated for the rest of their lives and their families. that component is immensely valuable for every artist.”

Cloud 9 and Smoke Two J’s are additional NFT pieces that This Is Additive is offering up to the Metaverse this 4/20. They have his nutritional facts, atop psychedelic, mind-numbing visuals. In a 3-way collaborative partnership, Cohen’s artwork intermingles with the music and visuals produced by Zach Norman, Brad Rundblase, and Ryan Sadler.

This Is Addictive’s NFTs even gives back to the cannabis community. A portion of Cohen’s proceeds will go to helping release cannabis prisoners from jail through the Weldon Project.


Daniel Cohen is coming back to Nifty Gateway with a new drop. On April 20, he will release a new NFT collection. Daniel is a versatile artist who skilfully comments on social issues through his art. He puts center stage such problems as addiction, drugs, wealth, fame, and attracts attention to them with the aid of the artworks. Within the upcoming drop, there will be some pieces available at Drawing (“Smoke Two J’s”, “Cloud 9” ) as well as a limited edition, digitally animated “Happy Hour”, etc. By the way, the collectors of the “Happy Hour” piece will receive a 12inch metal wall clock on May 1st.

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Daniel Allen Cohen


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