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The Hierophant by Metageist

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The Hierophant by Metageist

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Metageist has been exploring “metaverse native” art for 5 years. All of his characters and sculptures are hand modelled entirely in VR and created for display in the metaverse.

The Hierophant collection serves as a warning to all those who build in and enjoy the metaverse that we must avoid allowing the gatekeepers, middlemen and overseers of the old world to mediate our experience of this new digital frontier. This piece was designed to be experienced at scale in VR and will be sent as a 3D digital file to the owner of the Golden Cyclops.

The first 21 Cyclops artefacts have been cast in a metal resin mix, individually hand finished and come complete with augmented reality “iris” markers which allow for the delivery of further digital artworks into the real world via the collector’s own AR enabled smart phone or (in the near future) AR glasses.

Physical sculptures are all hand finished unique pieces measuring 65mm across. Owners of the NFTs on May 17th 7pm ET will be contacted to supply their addresses for postage of physical. Holders will later be contacted again to check their Cyclops for further news, items or instructions, via Augmented Reality. At least one more Metageist NFT of equal rarity will be gifted to the holders.


Metageist's goal is to create artwork for display in the metaverse, and the result is some of the most immersive and interactive work currently in the NFT space. Metageist is a Nifty OG, and we're excited to welcome him back to the platform, this time with a collection diverging from his evolution of the 'Metaphyla' series

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4 May 2021 01:30(UTC+3) - 5 May 2021 01:30(UTC+3)

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