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Habbo Avatars NFT collection

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Habbo Avatars NFT collection

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A project lovingly put together by pixel artists, NFT enthusiasts and community-minded gamers from all over the planet. Your chance to own an early, nostalgic, and iconic bit of the internet. The Habbo Avatar project is all of these things, but for those of you that want a logical, straightforward answer: it’s a collection of 11,600 entirely unique, pixellated avatars. These collectible avatars are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and they exist on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


Each of the 11,600 avatars in the Habbo Avatar collection are programmatically generated from 284 different traits and therefore are 100% unique. Some traits are less likely than others to appear on an avatar, which makes some of them ‘rarer’ than others. (That makes collecting them a bit more fun, we think.) A trait is basically the shoes an avatar is wearing, their skin colour, the hat they’re wearing, their facial features, etc.



The growth of the NFT space has managed to attract tech entrepreneurs, top magazines, gaming studios, and even payments processing giants. Habbo Avatars marks the foray of a major existing video game IP into the NFT space. It is the first official NFT collection for Habbo created by Sulake, and it consists of 11,600 unique, manually curated, and automatically generated pixelated avatars. So far, about 2,500 collections have purchased more than 10,000 Habbo avatars.

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from 1 Sep 2021 03:00(UTC+3)

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