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Growing Up Got Old by Jonathan Wolfe

Growing Up Got Old by Jonathan Wolfe

    This recent drop “Growing Up Got Old” focuses heavily on the bright and playful nature the clay brings to his artwork. Alongside clay, Jonathan also includes lego blocks in his imagery, this is a direct reference to his childhood and also incorporates fun and colour into his work, something he likes to embrace in his art.

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  • Date: 30 Apr 2021 01:30(UTC+3) - 1 May 2021 01:30(UTC+3)
  • Tags: Auction Art Painting Niftygateway Jonathan Wolfe LEGO
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  • Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum (ETH)
  • Platform: Nifty Gateway Nifty Gateway
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Jonathan Wolfe is a 21 year old canadian artist, working primarily with paint. Although recently he started exploring new mediums like clay, this process started in his first Nifty drop “Fabricated Fairytales”, when he wanted to go beyond 2D images. Using clay brings colour and fun, two things that can describe Jonathan's art perfectly. His process involves making real life clay models, photographing them, then digitally drawing on these images to make them part of the worlds he makes in his paintings.