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The first ever Flow Fest is underway, featuring a slew of guest speakers, a mystery pack, and over a month filled with drops, activities and full immersion into the Flow metaverse.  The festival, hosted by Flowverse and The First Mint, kicked off its speaker panel on October 12.

Make sure you check out the Flowverse landing page to keep up with everything happening, join the Flowverse Discord to be part of the community, and tune in to the panel series with The First Mint.

The Mystery Packs are an awesome way for everybody in Flowverse Discord to have a chance to own some Flow NFTs! These packs contain 3 NFTs, and those 3 NFTs can be from a range of different projects that have built on Flow. The packs can only be earnt through Quests, Giveaways, and similar events. They are not for sale.

How can I find out where to win a Mystery Pack?

Keep an eye on #fest-quests for up-to-date happenings on what is going on for how you can win a pack. There’s multiple quests running every day, so plenty of chances to try and snag one!

How do I know if I’ve already won a Mystery Pack?

Easy! Just check your Discord profile. Click your name to see what roles you have in this Discord. If you have a role that has the term “Winner” in it, well, you’ve won a pack! There are other roles that can allow you to become eligible to try and win a pack, and there are multiple roles that can lead to winning a pack.

Can I win more than one Mystery Pack?

Yes, yes you can! Any individual can win up to 3 Mystery Packs. However, you can’t win from the same “method” each time. For example, if you come first in trivia 3 times in a row, that will only be 1 Trivia Winner role, not three. Fortunately, there are many ways to win.

Here’s a list of some – but not all – of the pack winner roles:

  • Tell-A-Friend Winner
  • Trivia Winner
  • Gleam Winner
  • Emoji Raffle Winner
  • Surprise Winner

And you can find out how to earn each of these roles in the 🧭-fest-quests channel! Please note – more winner roles will be added, and there may be secret ones too!


Participate and redeem your free mystery pack: join the community Discord and find the hidden gems!


NFT Drops Calendar: 

A drop for every collector! Sports, music, gaming, art and more!


Speaker series: Your behind the scenes look at how the magic is created 


Day 1 / October 12, 2021: INTRO + KEYNOTE - 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 12:00 am HKT

Feat. Dapper Labs’ Roham Gharegozlou & Layne Lafrance.

What can nfts actually do? - 9:30 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT / 12:30 am HKT

NFTs are far more than .jpegs. Learn from industry experts about how NFTs have started to have more use cases in the metaverse and IRL. Feat. Kylo Ren (APE DAO), Jeremy Born (NFT Genius), Amanda Terry (Metagood), and Tristan Rattink (NBA Top Shot).

Chainmonsters - 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EST / 1:00 am HKT

Presentation by Chainmonsters’ Maximilian Weber.

Xtingles - 10:15 am PDT / 1:15 pm EDT / 1:15 am HKT

Presentation by xtingles’ Andrew Fai.

Sturdy - 10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT / 1:30 am HKT

Presentation by Sturdy’s Matt Goulet.

NFT adoption into the mainstream - 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT / 2:00 am HKT

The mainstream is coming (and some might say it’s already here!). Come discover how the industry is preparing for the billions of people yet to come. Feat. Josh Ong (influencer), Andrew Fai (xtingles), and Brendan Alper (Everbloom).

Metagood: connecting creators, causes, and their communities - 11:45 am PDT / 2:45 pm EDT / 2:45 am HKT

Learn about the new NFT marketplace for social impact coming soon to Flow!  Chat with the co-founders Danny Yang – CEO, Amanda Terry – COO, and Bill Tai – Chairman and early investor in Dapper Labs.

Versus auction - 12:15 pm PDT / 3:15 pm EDT / 3:15 am HKT

Presentation by Versus Auction’s Kinger.

Culture & entertainment in nfts - 12:30 pm PDT / 3:30 pm EDT / 3:30 am HKT

NFTs aren’t just pieces of code – they are status symbols. See how the biggest stars, athletes, and artists have started to tap into the power of NFTs. Feat. Ronin R (GigLabs), Obie Fernandez (RCRDSHP), Alex DiNunzio (Jambb), and Kelly DiGregorio (Dapper Labs).

Day 2 / October 13, 2021: THE FUTURE OF GAMING - 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 12:00 am HKT

Gaming is at the forefront of NFT utility, with many world-class gaming experiences just around the corner. Come hear the experts provide a glimpse into our digital future. Feat. Maximilian Weber (Chainmonsters), Yang Adija (Blocklets), and Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs).

Melos - 9:45 am PDT / 12:45 pm EDT / 12:45 am HKT

Presentation by Melos’ Yalu Lin.

nWayPlay10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT / 1:00 am HKT

Presentation by nWayPlay’s Taehoon Kim.

Everbloom - 10:15 am PDT / 1:15 pm EDT / 1:15 am HKT

Presentation by Everbloom’s Lukas Runte & Brendan Alper.

TuneGo - 10:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm EDT / 1:30 am HKT

Presentation by TuneGo’s John Kohl.

The creator economy of nfts - 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT / 2:00 am HKT

A discussion on how NFTs have unlocked a vast new world for creators and artists from all walks of life: entertainment, fashion, video games, and collectibles. Feat. Michaela Larosse (The Fabricant), Jeffrey Tong (Eternal), Ben Mauro (Evolution), and Richard Pocklington (Dapper Labs).

Fantastec - 11:45 am PDT / 2:45 pm EDT / 2:45 am HKT

Presentation by Fantastec’s Steve Madincea.

SportsIcon - 12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT / 3:00 am HKT

Presentation by SportsIcon’s Chris Worsey.

NFT Genius - 12:15 pm PDT / 3:15 pm EDT / 3:15 am HKT

Presentation by NFT Genius’ Jeremy Born.

RCRDSHP - 12:30 pm PDT / 3:30 pm EDT / 3:30 am HKT

Presentation by RCRDSHP’s Obie Fernandez.

Blocklete - 12:45 pm PDT / 3:45 pm EDT / 3:45 am HKT

Presentation by Blocklete’s Shayna Stewart.

Moonpay - 1:00 pm PDT / 4:00 pm EDT / 4:00 am HKT

Presentation by Moonpay’s Halsey Huth.

Jambb live comedy show ft. Hannibal buress - 5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT / 8 a.m. HKT

Day 3 // October 14, 2021 ** CHINA REGION **

Video: the future of fandom - 11 pm PDT / 2 am EDT / 2 pm HKT

F​​​low ecosystem overview - 11:05 pm PDT / 2:05 am EDT / 2:05 pm HKT

Feat. Amber (China Head of Dapper Labs/Flow)

CAA (China academy of art) & frontier artist panel - 11:20 pm PDT / 2:20 am EDT / 2:20 pm HKT

Feat. Emma (CryptoC, Art Director), Pucs William (Founder of THiNG.Fund), Cheng bin (Head of Digital Media Design Department of Shanghai, CAA), Chen bin (well-known universe space illustrator), Danni (Async Art, Marketing Director)

T​​​​he future of the gaming industry panel - 12:10 am PDT / 3:10 am EDT / 3:10 pm HKT

Feat. William Pucs (Founder of THiNG.Fund), Henry (Racing Time Co-founder and CMO), Tony Tao (Founder of Yuanyuzhou Capital), Wheel (Gaming Business Director), and Allen (Co-founder of Everest Ventures Group / EVG).

L​​​​​​live-streaming lottery ①:explore flow world - 12:50 am PDT / 3:50 am EDT / 3:50 pm HKT

Mystery Pack Redemption Code.

B​​​uilding the infrastructure of blockchain - 1:10 am PDT / 4:10 am EDT / 4:10 pm HKT

Feat. Severus (Ecosystem leader of Dapper Labs, China Region), Caos (Founder of Flowns), Raye (Leader of Cata Labs China), and Neo (CTO of SNZ).            

Next generation metaverse panel - 2:00 am PDT / 5:00 am EDT / 5:00 pm HKT

Feat. Bohao (Tech Leader, Dapper Labs China Region), Wu Xiao (Tech Advocate of Matrix World), Li KunMing (CEO of Voxel Knight), Suji (CEO of Mask Network), and Jean (Founder of NFT4Metaverse).      

L​​​​​ive-streaming lottery ②: mystery box redemption code - 3:00 am PDT / 6:00 am EDT / 6:00 pm HKT

Mystery Pack Redemption Code.

The future of fandom panel - 3:20 am PDT / 6:20 am EDT / 6:20 pm HKT

Feat. Xiao Jie (Ecosystem Leader of Mynft), Joey (COO of OVO), J.G (Branding Consultant of Mugen ARt), Yalu (Melos), and Andrew (Chief Visionary Officer of xtingles).

Ending ⭐️ -  4:20 am PDT / 7:20 am EDT / 7:20 pm HKT

Feat. Amie (Operations Leader of Dapper Labs China Region).

Day 4 / October 15, 2021

Pack party - 7:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT / 10:00 pm HKT


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Flow Fest is a global festival where attendees can role-play and experience projects built on blockchain, from music to sports, collectibles to games, and other areas of interest. Flow Fest is a global marketing campaign, attracting hundreds of thousands of collectors worldwide to draw their attention to the product launches of the ecosystem partners.

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7 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 30 Nov 2021 03:00(UTC+3)

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