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Fancy Bears NFT Collection

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Fancy Bears NFT Collection

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Here you can hang out with artists, top athletes, influencers, celebrities and Nobel prize winners. In the Metaclub you can join concerts, pool parties and play tennis with your favorite creators. Every year we are hosting the Fancy Bears Annual Party where holders can win things like Ferrari or Yacht.

8,888 bears total:

  • 500 reserved for fancy celebrities, athletes
  • 260 reserved for fancy brands
  • 40 reserved for fancy team bears
  • 200 reserved to Karma holders
  • 7888 for fancy club members (you can get it from pre-sales and public sales)


  1. Lottery - everyone can get a Ferrari one day from 30% of the OpenSea revenue.
  2. Artist, celebrities and athletes joining FBM. We have signed influencers with over 20 mln followers so far!
  3. Big bear party in the USA - meet all bears, including celebrities. Free food, booze and partying with models!
  4. Big bear party in the Europe - same, but more Mediterranean vibes. We're a global community!
  5. Merchandise - Holders get dedicated t-shirt and hoodie with their bear. Free of charge!
  6. Metaverse filled with bears and entertainment. More details in January 2022.
  7. Colabs with big brands - we're already in talks with many clothing, sports and lifestyle brands!
  8. Honey drops - collect honey and get more rewards (Honey can be used to buy land)
  9. Governance - you decide which way we go and how we develop the FBM.


A collection of 8,888 bears.

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from 6 Jan 2022 02:00(UTC+3)

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