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Dreamloops V1 NFT Sale

Dreamloops V1 NFT Sale

    Dreamloops are a programmatically generated series of audio-visual non-fungible tokens (NFTs) launching on Ethereum. Vol. 1 of Dreamloops features original chiptune loops with an accompanying piece of animated 16-bit album art. Each Dreamloop will have both audio and visual features that determine its scarcity among other Dreamloops within the release. 1 in 5 Dreamloops may be redeemed for a physical copy of the audio (vinyl or cassette) after a staking period of 182.5 days (~six months). Eligible Dreamloops may only be redeemed for a physical pressing once. More details on this unique NFT project will be revealed in the coming weeks. Cost: $60.

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  • Date: from 30 Apr 2021 00:00(UTC+3)
  • Tags: GIF Generative Art Audio visual art
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum (ETH)
  • Platform: Bitlectrolabs
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