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DirtyRobot NFT Drop

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This collection is a series of NFTs based around the four seasons — Summer, Autumn, Winter, & Spring.
The four collections will feature 16 images, each with 5 phases, exclusively designed for this series by the famous and inspirational artist DirtyRobot. Each image will be time-based, evolving through a series of phases, depending on the time of day it is.

Summer Drop Launches

The first collection will feature 4 summer images, each one broken into 5 phases — Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. This drop will launch on the 31st of Aug and will run for two weeks. 
Halfway through the sale, the first edition of the Super-rare combined NFT will be auctioned off. It will include some extra special benefits for the winner including a customized signed print from DirtyRobot, the super rare Feedback Trait, and a Bonus Ether Card!

Discounts with an Ether Cards!

All Ether Cards NFT holders will receive early access to the drop of up to 12 hours and unlimited discounts of up to 10%, depending on the card type held.

Blind Bags

The Summer Collection will be sold via Blind Bags designed by Ether Cards. Each Blind Bag will have the opportunity to receive a special Summer Charm NFT.

Summer Charms

Every NFT will receive at least one special DirtyRobot Trait Bonus, with many receiving extra Traits! Every Blind Bag also has the chance to receive a bonus Summer Charm NFT shown below.



Time & Space Forges

This series will feature multiple Forges in which collectors can special combinations of multiple NFTs to create rarer and more exciting versions.

Each Season will have a Time Forge and a Space Forge. The Time Forge will be used to combine an image’s 2 phases together to create a time-evolving NFT. The Space Forge will be used to combine the four unique time-evolving images of a season into one larger time-evolving NFT.

Watch out though as the Space Forges will be destroyed after a certain number of uses so make sure you’re one of the first to use it! Each consecutive Season’s Space Forge will have fewer and fewer available uses!

Special bonuses

Anyone who manages to successfully use the Space Forge will receive bonus Traits on their NFT. Each Space Forged NFT will hold the Redemption Trait. If activated, the collector can receive a signed and numbered physical print of their NFT.

Four seasons

Each quarter, a new collection will drop, representing each of the four seasons. Each season will feature exciting Traits and benefits. Be the first to collect all four seasons and you will have the chance to enter the Final Forge and win some incredible prizes!

The final Forge

One lucky collector will be able to use the Final Forge. This is a single-use Forge and will be destroyed forever after the first collector to obtain all 4 required NFTs uses it.

The Grand Prize

The lucky collector who manages to forge their incredible 1 of 1 Final Season NFT will receive some extraordinary prizes!

  • 65” Samsung Picture Frame TV
  • Signed 1 of 1 Ultimate Print of all four seasons
  • Other special bonuses announced soon





The upcoming time-evolving DirtyRobot #NFT drops on Tuesday, August 31st.

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31 Aug 2021 11:00(UTC+3) - 14 Sep 2021 20:00(UTC+3)

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