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Cyborg Mercenaries NFT Collection

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Cyborg Mercenaries NFT Collection

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Cyborg Mercenaries are a never seen before collection of 8,888 NFTs – digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Mercenaries fiercely fighting for money or other forms of payment rather than for political interests. Each mercenary has a sharp design, unique set of skills and variables making it undeniably unique.

Owning a Mercenary will make you an exclusive holder of an art masterpiece. Our unique 3D pieces were carefully designed by a renowned artist who worked on Alien Covenant and The Lion King 3D movies. Because we made the art the center of our project, a lot of effort was devoted by our teams to create exceptional pieces for our community.

In the beginning it was only earth…

Then humanity became an interstellar specie and started to colonize galaxies far far away. New colonies under earth authority and economic domination started to go too far and settlers did not even know what earth was.

Earth meant nothing to them ...

Revolutions and civil wars grew against the old human planet and finally burst out of control. A new age was starting in old colonies. An age of battles, of anarchy, and blood. A new cast of warriors finished by appearing. Fearless mercenaries. Modified by uncontrolled sciences to kill and control what was left … A cast of Cyborg Mercenaries started to spread in this new free world.



A unique 8,888 NFT collection made by one of the best 3D artist from Marvel, Disney, DC & Netflix.

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Digital Art


6 Jan 2022 19:00(UTC+3) - 7 Jan 2022 19:00(UTC+3)

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