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Convergence 2021 by Sunjae x Sabet

Convergence 2021 by Sunjae x Sabet

    Sunjae Lee aka Fermata.eth teamed up with Iranian-American artist and designer Sabet to release an NFT artwork. Titled ‘Convergence 2021’, it drops on July 22nd on KnownOrigin.

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  • Date: 22 Jul 2021 07:00(UTC+3) - 23 Jul 2021 07:00(UTC+3)
  • Tags: Design Art Sunjae Lee Fermata.eth Sabet
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
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  • Twitter Sunjae Lee:

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum (ETH)
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This NFT piece is the cross-section where elegant beauty meets the mystical. “A place where Sunjae’s Korean style brushstrokes give way to Sabet’s Lovescript and feminine divine energy” – the artists describe their collaborative work.

‘Convergence 2021’ is an Edition of 1, priced at Ξ 3.00 / $5,265.

“An honor to collaborate with the great artist Sabey on this 1/1 combining his golden Lovescript series with my golden ginkgo series” – writes Sunjae Lee.