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Cat Dragons Fighter NFT Collection

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Cat Dragons Fighter NFT Collection

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Have you heard anything about the Khajiit's? Yes! The Khajiit's come from the world of Skyrim and they are real dragonborns. Meet 'Cat Dragons Fighter' 3333 unique NFT. The Dragons Fighter project is of great importance to NFT, and with this we pay tribute to the gaming culture.

Drop all your chores for the December 24, as 'Cat Dragons Fighter' NFTs launch their Public Sale!

Dwelling on the Solana Blockchain.

Dragon Fighters FAQ

Q - when is the mint date?

Minting will commence AT DECEMBER 24-th at 2:00 PM on the website!

Q - How many cat dragon fighters will there be?

There will be 3,333 unique CAT DRAGONS FIGHTERS!

Q - What blockchain will be on?

The project will sell on The solana Blockchain for 1 sol

Q - How much will it cost to mint?

1 sol

Q - How many can be minted per person?

5 dragons fighters warriors per person can be minted!

Q - where can I mint?

Q - What is the benefit of holding cat dragons fighters?

After everything is sold out, the project will support startups and release games. The next mints you will get lots of bonuses.



What is Cat Dragon Fighters - the true legend of the dragonborn.

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from 24 Dec 2021 22:00(UTC+3)

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