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While a lot of the NFT collections focus on digital art and the likes, BitColors is bringing a new dimension to the NFT mania. BitColors is a collection of 1,000 handcrafted NFT colors that can be owned and traded. 


In a way, the team behind BitColors wants to create a narrative that is strong enough to establish the long-term viability of its offerings. And so, they are not about generating a temporary hype by unnecessarily complicating things. Instead, the goal is to focus on the fundamentals and organically attract a strong following.


Another factor that shows teams’ intent to establish a unique collection is the decision not to settle for auto-generated artworks. Each of the colors in the collection was carefully handcrafted to ensure that they retain their artistic merit.


It is also worth noting that there are just 1,000 NFTs in BitColors' collection -- this is small compared to other offerings, which normally launch as much as 10,000 items. Considering that rarer NFTs tend to attract higher valuations, one could argue that the small size of BitColors’ collection is a strategic decision to ensure that the value of each NFT maintains an upward trajectory. Also, the fact that each BitColors NFT is unique could play into the valuation of the digital assets.


All-in-all, there are reasons to believe that the creators of BitColors, from an artistic and implementation point of view, have put in the work to create something unique. They seem to have done enough to fall in the category of NFT offerings that may well spark the next phase of NFT growth and feature on prestigious auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, and Hermitage.


A new NFT collection, BitColors, will allow users to own and trade colors. The NFT drop date will be announced on 19 October.

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