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Barbie x Balmain NFT Fashion Collection

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Barbie x Balmain NFT Fashion Collection

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Barbie’s parent company, Mattel announced the partnership with Balmain. To be sure, a team-up of this scale between a toy company and a luxury brand is quite rare. The collection will feature over 50 pieces of clothing and accessories. Those IRL pieces will go on sale on January 13th.

Of course, the news that the companies will also auction three Barbie x Balmain NFTs is major. Indeed, this is the first time that characters from the Barbie brand will enter NFTs. The sale will take place on January 11th on a new platform called, mintNFT.

Big Brands Continue To Flood The NFT Space

Over 60 years old, the Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in the world. Similarly, Balmain is over 75 years old and one of the most well-known names in luxury fashion.

In fact, while this is Barbie’s first foray into NFTs, parent company Mattel has been making moves in the space for a while. Most recently, it announced that it would partner with the successful VeeFriends collection. Likewise, Balmain is no stranger to NFTs, having recently released its latest NFT collection last month.

Poster for Barbie x Balmain live event on mintNFT featuring the leads from each company

The leaders of Mattel, Balmain, and mintNFT will host a live panel event to promote the NFT auction. Credit: mintNFT


Iconic doll brand, Barbie and luxury fashion house, Balmain are partnering for a special fashion and accessories collection. What’s more, the collection will include three, 1-of-1 Barbie x Balmain NFTs.

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