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    Basically, ASCIIPunks are what would happen if the CryptoPunks fell into a portal and wound up in the terminal dimension! These little dudes are comprised of 12x12 lines of ASCII text generated entirely on-chain! That's right! When each little punk is minted, a generative algorithm is run to produce a random punk, which you can see an example of here. Each punk is self-contained on the ethereum blockchain. In other words, the NFT itself is the art.

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  • Date: TBA
  • Tags: Memes Punk Ascii Generative Art OpenSea
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Available on:

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum (ETH)
  • Platform: Asciipunks
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The ASCIIPunks grew out of a realization that many of the NFT's we trade and collect today are nothing more than tokens with a hardcoded link to a centralized server containing metadata. With many NFT's on the market, you have to trust that whoever is hosting the actual image keeps their promise to host the artwork for the entire life of the ethereum blockchain.

So if you are an on-chain maximalist, a decentralization junkie, or a real OG crypto head, this is the project for you.


There will be 2048 ASCIIPunks minted. They are priced on the following curve:

  • 1 - 256: 0.05 ETH
  • 257 - 512: 0.1 ETH
  • 513 - 1024: 0.2 ETH
  • 1025 - 1536: 0.3 ETH
  • 1537 - 2048: 0.4 ETH