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#01 FLOWER BOUQUET [YATS 50] by Skye Nicolas

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#01 FLOWER BOUQUET [YATS 50] by Skye Nicolas

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In the upcoming NFT piece, the artist integrates yats that make an integral component of the artwork. Nicolas’s collection comprises fifty yat artworks, and ‘Flower Bouquet’ is one of them.

“Yat: a unique combination of emojis that function as a domain, pointing to a galaxy of online content: videos, articles, web pages, and on occasion mystery files and assets; resembling memory fragments, as if unlocking the artist’s stream of consciousness” – explains the artist.

The usage of yat shows Nicolas’s innovative approach to creating arts as well as demonstrates that he doesn’t stop exploring new digital media.


Skye Nicolas is the renowned creator behind amazing artworks, blending abstract expressionist aesthetics with vivid pop culture references. He always puts some nostalgia notes to his pieces, and this has already become a hallmark of Nicolas’s signature style.

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Skye Nicolas


13 May 2021 23:00(UTC+3) - 15 May 2021 23:00(UTC+3)

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