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Zoth Atlas Incentivized Testnet

Zoth Atlas Incentivized Testnet

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Introduction to Zoth

Zoth is bridging liquidity across TradFi and OnchainFi — One RWA at a Time. It`s chain-agnostic mainnet platform, Zoth—Fixed Income (ZOTH-FI), targets institutional and accredited investors, offering secure fixed-income yield assets through stablecoins.

What is Zoth Atlas?

Zoth Atlas is a one-of-its-kind multichain gamified RWA index designed to attract DeFi natives and introduce them to sustainable on-chain RWA yields providing a unique and interactive experience. The aim is to educate users on RWAs and create a multichain testnet portal as their first stepping stone into the world of sustainable RWAs. The RWA Index blends stable yield experiences with assets like trade finance, precious metals, T-bills, corporate bonds, DeFi yield, and more. Put your stablecoins to work and earn secure and sustainable real-world yield.

Why Launch Atlas When Mainnet Is Live?

With the ZOTH-FI mainnet already operational, Atlas serves a critical role:

Smooth Transition: Atlas serves as a preparatory platform that helps DeFi natives and introduces them to sustainable on-chain RWA yields. It facilitates a smooth transition from the testnet environment (rewards.zoth.io) to the fully functional mainnet (app.zoth.io).

Community Engagement: By engaging with the community through various activities, Zoth is creating a community catered towards the growth of RWAs.

Zoth is preparing for the upcoming launch of its native token, ZOTH. Of the total supply, 14% of ZOTH tokens are allocated for community incentives and overall platform growth. This helps build a robust community ready to support and grow with the platform.

How to Participate in Zoth Atlas?

Engagement in Atlas is designed to be both rewarding and straightforward:

  • Task Completion: Users participate in social tasks and engage with multiple blockchains. Atlas is soon going live on one of the most-hyped blockchains of 2024.
  • Collect XP Points: Through active participation, users collect XP points, climbing their way up the leaderboard.
  • Daily Points: Daily activities on the multichain testnet reward users with XP points, promoting ongoing engagement.

Refer and Earn

Invite fellow RWA enthusiasts to join in this ultimate voyage via a unique referral code. This strategy can significantly increase your XP points.

Incentives for Early Adopters

Participants in the Atlas earn XP points reflecting their engagement level. Active participation is key to maximizing your rewards. Incentives for Early Users:

  • Special Allocation: 20,000,000 ZOTH tokens have been strategically committed to incentivizing early users of Zoth Atlas.
  • Badge Rewards: Complete tasks and earn unique badges that symbolize milestones within the ecosystem. Here’s a sneak peek ↴

Join the Future of Finance

The Zoth Atlas Portal isn’t just a testing environment — it’s your gateway to Onchain RWAs. By participating, you contribute to a growing ecosystem, gain insights about the integration of RWAs with blockchains, and stand a chance to earn significant rewards.

Join the portal, earn XP, and become part of the future of finance with Zoth. Check out Zoth Atlas.


Zoth welcomes everyone to the Zoth Atlas — a portal designed to bridge TradFi & DeFi through Real World Assets (RWAs).

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