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ZKX Yakuza Community Incentives Program

ZKX Yakuza Community Incentives Program

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The Contributors Program

You can contribute to ZKX in 3 ways:

  • As a Moderator
  • Doing Community Quests
  • Picking up DAO Bounties

Who are the Moderators?

  • The Moderators hold the ‘Komon’ role in the ZKX Discord.
  • In the Yakuza hierarchy, they are placed directly under the Saiko-Komon (Core Contributors).
  • They are responsible for running the global languages on Discord and soon on Telegram.
  • The forms for applying as a Komon will be released with the character blog on Feb 1st.

What are Quests?

  • Community Quests will be the stepping stones for the community to work their way up in the ZKX Yakuza hierarchy.
  • Based on the Yakuza hierarchy, everyone in the ZKX Discord starts at OG4 (R***n). A fair chunk of the early supporters holds the OG3 (Shatei) role.
  • The goal is to work your way up to OG2 (Kyodai) and eventually OG1 (Shateigashira).
  • The Quests will be launched in early February on a popular platform. ZKX will have over 60 Quests for the community to perform, earn points and make their way up the leaderboard.
  • The higher you finish on the leaderboard (Contributors Incentive Program ends on May 15th), the higher the OG role you will receive.
  • You want to be in the Top 1,000 to earn at least an OG2 role (Kyodai), which guarantees a better NFT and higher reward in ZKX tokens.
  • The OG1 role is the highest (Shateigashira) and guarantees the best rewards.
  • We will also have Monthly Competitions, and winners will receive special ZKX merch boxes!
  • The Quests do not require a full-time commitment and can be performed in your free time while still making a significant contribution to ZKX.

What are DAO Bounties?

  • The DAO Bounties are strictly for long-term contributors who want to join the ZKX DAO.
  • Each Bounty will require significant effort, and will be divided into categories such as Social Media, Growth, Content, Tech etc.
  • Performing DAO Bounties gets you direct access to Core Contributors. You can work with them as apprentices till the ZKX DAO goes live, and eventually be absorbed into an official Working Group.
  • Additionally, there is a leaderboard that will track the highest DAO Bounty contributions, and the Top 500 will receive OG2 and OG1 roles.

The Ambassador Program

  • In the Yakuza hierarchy, the Ambassadors hold the Wakagashira role. They are responsible for spreading the ZKX Gospel across the Ether.
  • ZKX is looking for 2 types of community leaders to be ZKX Ambassadors: Crypto Twitter OGs and International Market Enablers, who can help to activate the target markets.
  • The program is quite flexible, and Ambassadors are encouraged to exercise their strengths across 5 different Bounty categories — Social Media, Content Creation, Growth and Referral, Cultivation, and Translations. Ambassadors can simply pick up the ones they prefer and execute them!
  • ZKX has space for more than 50 Ambassadors to join, so watch out for the Wakagashira blog on 6th Feb.

The Testnet

  • Simple stuff. Participate in the upcoming Testnet Competition, and make your way up the leaderboard.
  • The final Testnet leaderboard determines your OG role
  • Again, you want to be somewhere in the Top 1,000 to get a decent NFT and token reward.

To summarize, the entire idea of the Contributors Incentive Program is to elevate the community’s experience while contributing to the growth of the protocol.

The Storyline by Tanisha

  • All the blogs will follow the story of the Oyabun (Head of the ZKX DAO).
  • Each blog will be a chapter and will introduce a new character.
  • All the characters have a backstory and reason why they follow the Oyabun on this journey.
  • It’s a story of placing power back in the hands of the degens.
  • It’s a CT thriller with certain elements that draw parallels to reality

The Way Forward — Timelines by Eduard

  • The Season 1 of the Contributors Incentive Program runs from now until 6th March.
  • Season 2 will begin on 7th March and lead into Testnet
  • Testnet will be followed by Season 3.
  • At the end of Season 3, the Contributors Incentive Program will be paused and all the wallets will be collected across the Contributors Program leaderboards and Ambassadors Program.
  • The NFT collection will be dropped in June, leading into the launch of the Token.

How to get started with ZKX Yakuza? by Sartaj

  • Want the highest rewards? Aim to finish as an OG1 (Shateigashira)
  • The starting point for everyone is the OG4 (R***n).
  • Many early community members have already received the OG3 (Shatei) role. This role will get them a head start for the Quests.
  • To move up the ladder, one can do Quests, pick up DAO Bounties, or participate in the Testnet. All 3 activities have their own leaderboard.
  • The Top 1,000 contributors on each leaderboard will stand a chance to get OG2 and OG1 roles.
  • The goal is not to limit the community to a single type or source of participation. Whatever your talents and strengths, you can play your part in ZKX’s growth and reap its rewards. So get on Discord and follow the instructions for the Contributors Program!

Wen Quests and Wen Bounties?

  • The Ambassador Program will launch with the Wakagashira Blog on 6th Feb.
  • The Community Quests will launch for OG3s (Shatei) on 7th Feb and the rest of the community on 13th Feb.
  • The DAO Bounties will launch on 13th Feb.

What is a Core Contributor (Saiko-Komon), and how to become one? by Ravi

  • The process looks like this -
  • DAO Bounties will be live on 13th Feb.
  • Completing a Bounty will grant you the role of ‘DAO Apprentice’ in the ZKX Discord and access to DAO dedicated channels.
  • DAO Apprentices will work directly with the Core Contributors in these dedicated channels.
  • The top apprentices will be absorbed into official working groups when the ZKX DAO launches. They will also reap NFTs and other exclusive rewards.

More information can be found in the Saiko Komon Blog here.

How will I earn rewards in Contributors Incentives Program?

  • At the end of Season 3 (15th May), ZKX will pause the Contributors Incentives Program to collect all wallets.
  • You will receive the OG role you qualify for based on your position on the final leaderboards across the Contributors Program (Quests and DAO Bounties) and Testnet. Your OG role will get you a whitelist for the NFTs and token rewards.
  • Ambassadors and Moderators have their path and their own NFTs.
  • Additional rewards will include special merch boxes and access to ZKX events.

Where can I find information about ZKX Yakuza?

  • Get in the Discord
  • You will find all the information you need in the #zkx-yakuza channel, including the hierarchy, information about each role, and how to earn them.
  • The Quests and DAO Bounties are also linked to Discord.
  • Once you sign up for the Quest and Bounty dashboards, you can keep up with new releases, featured tasks, monthly competitions, and live leaderboards in Discord.

About ZKX

ZKX is the first perpetual futures exchange on StarkNet with self-custody and true community governance. The protocol is designed to provide further scalability with a decentralized node network, and an elevated trading experience, and offer perpetual swaps and derivatives to any user on Starknet and Ethereum. ZKX’s mission is to democratize access to global yields through its offerings to anyone, anywhere.

In July, ZKX raised $4.5m in seed funding from backers including StarkWare, Amber Group, Huobi, Crypto.com, and others.




The program is a collection of 3 different initiatives: Contributors Program, Ambassadors Program, Testnet.

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