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ZetaChain Athens-3 Incentivized Testnet

ZetaChain Athens-3 Incentivized Testnet

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This is all-in an effort to battle-test the network for mainnet launch. While the testnet is currently focused on onboarding experienced validators and developers, it will ultimately become an environment used for developing on/testing ZetaChain.

As an approved participant, you will be responsible for:

  • Operating a validator;
  • Processing transactions;
  • Ensuring the security of the network and/or developers and completing specific tasks; and
  • Completing specific bounties


Eligibility for the ZetaChain testnet is detailed in the “Eligibility for Testnet” section of the Terms and Conditions. Participation is only available where permitted by applicable law.

The selection committee will be prioritizing a diverse set of geographies and team-sizes. After applying, ZetaChain will reach out to selected participants and whitelist them for KYC/KYB/AML to be eligible for rewards. Applicants will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Experience operating a Cosmos SDK-based Validator;
  • Experience developing with or testing the security of Cosmos SDK protocols and EVM-compatible smart contract layers;
  • DevOps and other operational experience; and
  • Ability to fulfill hardware requirements as well as access to required APIs;

All applicants must apply before April 30th, 2023. Participants may be selected on a rolling basis as the testnet progresses. All participation in the testnet is subject to ZetaChain's Terms and Conditions.


  • Phase 1 (already initiated): Validator setup and network genesis. (up to 15 participants).
  • Phase 2: Stress and scenario testing. (up to 75 participants).
  • Phase 3: Security-focused battle-testing. (up to 75 participants).
  • Phase 4: Maintenance mode and long-term testnet planning (up to 50 participants).

Phase 1 has commenced from the applicants in the initial ZetaChain announcement. The next phase is targeted to begin by May 1st, 2023 and each phase is estimated to take 1 - 3 weeks to complete. However, as the team and participants learn more over the testnet, the schedule is subject to change.


ZetaChain has allocated 4,200,000 ZETA (0.2% of total token supply) to the incentivized testnet program. Eligible participants may receive a Testnet Validator role in the ZetaChain Discord, as well as the opportunity for other testnet-validator-operator incentives in the future.

Testnet participants will need to successfully pass KYC/KYB verification in order to receive rewards. The amount will be determined as follows:

Point-based system : Each phase will be updated with tasks that are assigned a point value. At the end of a phase, participants will provide evidence of the completion of various tasks. Participants who reach the eligibility threshold of points/participation on essential tasks will receive a distribution of ZETA for that phase.

Bonus rewards : The top 5 based on metrics such as uptime, participation in proposals, response time to emergencies and software upgrades, and other contributions for each phase will receive a bonus amount.

All rewards will be distributed to approved and eligible participants beginning after ZetaChain’s mainnet launch, locked for 1 year.

What to Expect

  1. All approved participants will be contacted via the method selected in their application.
  2. Participants will be whitelisted to complete KYC/KYB to be eligible for rewards.
  3. Further updates will be communicated through the Discord testnet announcement channel. Participants are expected to monitor this channel, as well as the contact information they provided, to be notified of program updates.
  4. Technical documentation can be found on ZetaChain’s official documentation site. Additional docs will be added throughout the testnet and beyond.





ZetaChain is running an incentivized testnet to further develop its protocol on all fronts with its community, including: security, operations, performance, user experience, etc.

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Incentivized testnet



from 16 Apr 2023 21:56(UTC+3)



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