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Zenon Alphanet Public Incentivized Testnet

Zenon Alphanet Public Incentivized Testnet

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Testnet parameters

The Testnet has several different changes compared to the Alphanet specifications:

  • Dual-coin supply
  • Shorter Pillar lock and revocation windows
  • Shorter Node lock and revocation windows
  • Shorter staking periods
  • Adjusted rewards intervals

Those changes are implemented in order to properly test all the required functionalities and do not affect critical components such as the consensus algorithm or the embedded smart contracts layer.

Pillar parameters

  • PillarStakeAmount: 15000 ZNN
  • PillarQsrStakeBaseAmount: 1500000 QSR
  • PillarEpochLockTime: 40 hours
  • PillarEpochRevokeTime: 8 hours
  • PillarNameLengthMax: 40 characters

Sentinel parameters

  • SentinelZnnRegisterAmount: 5000 ZNN
  • SentinelQsrDepositAmount: 50000 QSR
  • SentinelEpochLockTime: 20 hours
  • SentinelEpochRevokeTime: 4 hours

Staking parameters

  • StakeTimeUnitSec: multiple of 1 day
  • StakeTimeMinSec: 1 day minimum
  • StakeTimeMaxSec: 12 days maximum
  • StakeMinAmount: 1 ZNN

Plasma parameters

  • FuseMinAmount: 10 QSR
  • FuseExpiration: 10 hours

Token parameters

  • issueFee: 100
  • tokenNameLengthMax: 40 characteres
  • tokenSymbolLengthMax: 10 characters
  • tokenDomainLengthMax: 128 characteres
  • tokenMaxSupplyBig: 2^62 - 1
  • tokenMaxDecimals: 16


Plasma is the most common phase of ordinary matter in the Universe, both by mass and volume. Based on the quantity of PlasmaPoints, a user expands their presence in the Universe to become one of the ZNNAliens. The Zenon Alphanet Public Incentivized Testnet is now open for everyone.

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from 14 Jun 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate (Event started, Registration open)