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Yala takes its name from the sacred Yala Snow Mountain in Tibet, embodying resilience and endurance within Bitcoin’s DeFi landscape.

The name of the community program, “Yeti Valley,” is inspired by the legendary local creature, the Yeti. Revered as the mythical guardian of the Himalayas, the Yeti is celebrated for its strength and deep connection to their homeland. Legend has it that Yetis, with their extensive knowledge of the mountainous terrain and an innate ability to navigate the harshest environments, have historically led groups of eco-tourists and researchers through the secluded valleys and icy slopes of Mount Yala.

Inspired by this spirit of guidance and protection, this community program was named “Yeti Valley”. The goal is to unite individuals who are eager to understand, build, and safeguard the community, serving as builders, guides, and guardians of Yala.

Entering Yeti Valley

Yeti Valley attracts individuals with different backgrounds and expertise:

Yalarians (Open to All)

If you follow us on Twitter, and have joined Telegram and Discord communities, you are already a Yalarian. Participate in regular events to earn rewards and points, and stay up to date with the latest Yala developments.

Yeti Valley: Welcome to the Yalarian Program Details

Yeti (Ambassadors)

Apply to be Yala’s special ambassador — a Yeti. This unique opportunity allows you to help grow Yala’s community, connect with core team members and expand your personal influence. Being active in the community is key. Content creation or partnership forming will be great pluses.

Yeti Valley: Welcome to the Yeti Program Details

Super Yeti (KOLs)

Mostly by invitation, but you can also recommend yourself or others. Super Yetis fulfill similar roles as Yetis, but with greater influence. Use your existing superpower to connect Yala with wider communities, and share the word to larger audiences.

Yeti Valley: Welcome to the Super Yeti Program Details

About Yala

Yala connects Bitcoin liquidity with a meta yield stablecoin. Designed as both a potent asset and a liquidity enhancer, the stablecoin, YU, operates across various ecosystems, increasing efficiency without the need for bridges or relocating the underlying Bitcoin. Yala empowers Bitcoin holders and ecosystem participants with expanded utility, all while maintaining the security of Bitcoin’s infrastructure.



Starting from June 3rd, 2024 Yala is launching its community program: Yeti Valley. Join Yeti Valley and be a part of the journey to unlock Bitcoin’s trillions liquidity through composability.

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