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Vision Community Ambassador Program

Vision Community Ambassador Program

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Expected profit

up to $2,000 monthly

~2,000 VS monthly

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No limit

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Normal, Low Risks


Vision ambassadors will play an important role in adding value to Vision by bringing the project to more people and will have the opportunity to be a leader by being innovative in helping to build and engage your community, and proactively provide feedback, provide input, and make suggestions on how to grow the community, and have priority access to the latest Vision news.

Additionally, you will have the great opportunity to network and collaborate with crypto enthusiasts globally and develop your reputation. 

What can you do as an Ambassador?

Vision ambassadors are responsible for helping increase awareness about the project and boost the platform’s user adoption by:

  • Proposing monthly activities for Vision to review
  • Educating the community about the project via contents, infographics, or any creative activities
  • Establishing and growing your community
  • Spreading awareness of Vision on your channels
  • Translating documents and contents to your local language if required
  • Sending monthly reports to Vision by the end of each month

Compensation in VS Tokens

You will receive VS, Vision native token, based on your performance. Rewards will be distributed monthly based on your monthly contributions.

How Vision calculate monthly reward for ambassador?

Most active Telegram member

You will receive $1,500 in VS tokens if you are in the Top 5 most active Telegram members within a month. To achieve this title, you need to be active on the Vision Telegram channel, and also build other community channels about the project in your country.

Most active Telegram community leader

You will receive $2,000 in VS tokens if you are in the Top 5 most active community leader within a month, and owns a Telegram group with over 2,000 followers. To achieve this title, you need to update news and articles about Vision in your Telegram community, and produce viral videos that spread the positive values of the project.

What are the next steps to become a Vision Ambassador?

Pls contact admins of Vision official telegram and send resume.




Vision is introducing Vision Community Ambassador Program. The program is organized not only for VS holders, but also for all crypto enthusiasts in the world. This includes influencers who want to promote the project in their community.

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Social networks



Community leaders


20 Jun 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 20 Sep 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate(Event started, Registration open)