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Virgo Ambassador Program

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Virgo is looking to work with passionate and enthusiastic individuals who would actively contribute to the further expansion of Virgo global community, spread awareness and educate the community about Virgo.

Application Process

The Ambassador program application process is very simple:

  1. Complete the form
  2. Receive an invitation by email
  3. Become an ambassador

Virgo wants to ensure Virgo ambassadors are educated about the concepts the project is building, given that they’ll be serving as direct links between the community and the team.

Anyone who is a crypto enthusiast and knows the project by heart is welcome to participate and apply to be a Virgo Ambassador by clicking here: Fill out this form to register.

Criteria & Responsibilities

The Virgo Ambassador Program is open to all talented individuals around the world with the focuse on recruiting passionate specialists who are genuinely committed to Virgo products and long-term vision.

A general list of responsibilities for Virgo ambassadors:

  • Create and share quality content focusing on the latest trends about Virgoplatform.
  • Establish and manage Virgo communities to foster long-term growth.
  • Regularly engage with Virgo social media content and posts.
  • Make reasonable contributions and suggestions to the Virgo team.
  • Test and provide feedback on Virgo products and features.

Below are additional insights on the different categories you can expect.

Social Media

  • Represent Virgo across all social media channels to maintain active communication.
  • Ambassador will be tasked with educating Virgo community about the Virgo ecosystem and products.
  • Write and publish plagiarism-free articles on Medium and relevant blogging websites.

Content Creation

  • Create quality, explanatory, and detailed infographics and cool memes for Virgo.
  • Develop quality videos illustrating Virgo’s key perks in addition to tutorials on how to use our products.
  • Write and publish plagiarism-free articles on Medium and relevant blogging websites.

Rewards Structure

All ambassadors who create quality work for Virgo will be adequately compensated for their time, efforts, and commitment to helping grow Virgo platform.

The rewards structure is as follows:

  • All rewards will be sent in Virgo’s VGO token.
  • 3 Virgo Ambassadors with outstanding performances will be awarded bonuses each month.
  • You will receive a form to submit all your completed actions. Data collection and award distribution will be every two weeks.
  • A file will be made available to you concerning the rewards for each action carried out.
  • Quality is Virgo trademark, so great content will attract higher rewards.

About Virgo

Virgo wants to create the first decentralized application development and distribution platform, which will allow developers to quickly build and publish their applications, providing them an inclusive ecosystem and extensive visibility among users already introduced to the technology.




Virgo believes that goals can not be achieved without a vibrant and faithful global community. As a crucial community project, Vigro would love to have Virgo community members help in their journey of becoming a successful international crypto project. Keeping this in mind, Virgo is very excited to announce the Virgo Ambassador Program.

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8 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 8 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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