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Vega Protocol Wallet Testing

Vega Protocol Wallet Testing

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If you’re comfortable running command line software and want to give Vega a try, you can head over to the Vega Wallet GitHub repo. However, if you’d rather not go through the trouble of running your own wallet, you can still request access to a hosted wallet on Discord.

Vega Wallet is the software they’ve been using to provide hosted Testnet wallets to hundreds of users throughout their private testnet programme. It features the ability to create multiple named and encrypted (password protected) wallets, each of which can have many key pairs that can be used to sign transactions on Vega. Vega Wallet can be used from the command line to manage wallets and keys and sign data. It’s also a REST server that other apps and services can use to sign payloads without having access to your private key itself.

A big part of the experience is Vega Console, which is designed to provide a seamless and easy experience for decentralised trading on testnet. Vega Console, as well as the full protocol and API docs, are also now open to everyone.

So how can you try it out?

Download and run a Vega wallet by grabbing the file from the Vega Go wallet repo, follow the ‘README’ instructions (knowledge of how to use command line is useful here). From there you can connect to the Vega Console UI. Once you’re set up and logged in, you can give yourself some testnet collateral to trade with.

You can also trade using the gRPC, GraphQL, or REST APIs, and team have how-to guides and reference documentation on Vega docs, which is everything you will need to get you started.

Want to learn more?

If you would like some guidance, or to chat about the protocol, ask questions, give feedback, or just hang out, you can join their weekly Testnet Jam call or jump onto Discord to chat to one of the Vega team.

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Team is excited to announce the first public release of Vega Wallet, a command line wallet and wallet server for Vega. It’s completely open source and the code and latest release binaries are available now on GitHub. This release also marks the first time their Testnet has been completely open for anyone to try it.

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