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Vega Protocol Testnet 3

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Back in February 2020, team launched the first Vega testnet and proved that decentralised trading with order books and high capital efficiency is possible, and that it works. This was initially invite-only, but team tooks another big step forward in December 2020 with the launch of the second major version of testnet.

That version opened Vega up to everyone and coincided with the release of open source Vega Wallet software. Since then team has seen over 1000 downloads of the wallet software, and given out over 1500 quick-start hosted wallets in the space of just a few months; incredible stuff given that these early versions still have no real-money trading or incentives.


These will give the Vega community the opportunity to earn tokens for helping to test the network, document the protocol, and build out the Vega ecosystem. Right now team has a selection of open bounties, but team’ll soon be launching a host of other initiatives.

To coincide with the Fairground release, they also recently launched a preview of liquidity mining, which is enabled in a soft, non-mandatory mode for now, and will be properly introduced with the first incentivised testnet trading activities in the coming weeks.

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With this release, testnet is relaunched with a new identity and its own website. This will be the home for onboarding and news about the network itself, plus the program of incentives and rewards that accompanies it.

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4 May 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 8 Aug 2022 00:00(UTC+3)



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