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Vega Fairground Dodgems Incentivised Trading Game

Vega Fairground Dodgems Incentivised Trading Game

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Reward pool


6800 VEGA

Expected profit

~$3,000 - 15,000

200 - 1,000 VEGA

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks

Event details

The project will also benefit from all the data created, metrics collected, and feedback received, which will help develop and improve the protocol. If we’re really lucky and something goes wrong we might even find and fix some bugs.

The incentivised testnet serves two purposes:

  1. It allows the team to collect data and test various aspects of the protocol at scale and in production-like conditions. This will help improve the protocol’s functionality and performance, and to identify bugs and issues.
  2. It’s an opportunity for community members to be rewarded for contributing to the development of the protocol and at the same time to learn more about how it works and how to use it.

Importantly, incentivised testnet is not an airdrop or a marketing promotion. (And no one from the Vega will ever ask you to transfer real funds.) When you participate you’re helping test an early version of the Vega system. This means it won’t be perfect and might not behave how you expect. They might manage to break things together as team carry out this testing, and if things go wrong team may needs to figure things out as team goes along.

Over the coming weeks and months team’ll be rolling out a number of different types of incentivised activities. These are designed to keep things interesting and give you a reason to come back and learn about different parts of the protocol, as well as to incentivise things that help achieve testing goals for the project.

There will be two types of activity. Participation rewards, where team simply rewards you for doing certain things like trading, creating markets, etc. and incentivised games which reward participants who achieve a specific goal or score well in a task (for instance, those who provide the most liquidity over a period of time).

How does it work?

You need to sign up to Fairground incentives by tweeting to the Fairground Twitter account before 9am UTC Tuesday 15 June. Instructions on how to do this are here. Once signed up you will see your Twitter handle on the leaderboard, this is the confirmation that you have successfully registered.

At 10am UTC Tuesday 15 June, 10,000 XYZ ALPHA assets will be deposited into your Vega wallet on Fairground. You now have until 9am UTC Monday 21 June to trade your XYZ ALPHA assets on the Dodgems market. The idea is to increase your assets more than any other trader and get to the top of the leaderboard. You can trade using Vega Console or using APIs.

Before the end of the market, you will need to settle all your positions, as open positions won't count towards your total. You'll need to have placed at least one trade to qualify.

Market details 

The Dodgems market is based on a real market, the identity of which is being kept hidden. Dodgems market details will be visible though Vega Console and APIs.

All announcements for this market will be made via the Fairground Twitter account @VegaFairground so make sure you follow to stay up to date.




Cheating is encouraged, tell us how you cheated and we may give you a tip. But we expect you to have increased the amount of XYZ ALPHA that you have by trading on the Dodgems market, if you have increased your assets in a way other than trading on the Dodgems market then it may not count.

In the event of unforeseen issues and/or a network crash (or essential reset) we will either restart the event, or track the winners based on the leaderboard at the time.

Only registered participants who have made at least one trade will be eligible to win.

How to participate 


This phase is a crucial part of the route to a full Vega mainnet. The Dodgems trading game is designed to create realistic trading in a testnet environment. By competing in a lifelike market for a share of the VEGA incentives, you’ll learn about Vega and find out first hand what it’s like to trade on Vega markets.

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15 Jun 2021 13:00(UTC+3) - 21 Jun 2021 13:00(UTC+3)



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You can't participate (Event ended)