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VeChain Community Video Contest

VeChain Community Video Contest

    VeChain Foundation proud to officially launch the VeChain Community Video Contest 2020. By creating a video about VeChain and participating in the contest, you have the chance to be rewarded from a total prize pool of 3 million VET.

    Reward pool
    Expected profit
    $800 - 8000
    Max participants
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Contest Creativity
  • Date: 8 Jun 2020 17:00(UTC+3) - 30 Jun 2020 17:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Closed
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Links: Official Announcement
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How To Participate

  1. Create your video and upload it onto your YouTube channel
  2. In your video description, you must include the hashtag #VeChainVideoContest and provide all sources used for the creation of the video. Provide a brief description of your video as well.
  3. Post the YouTube link on Twitter with hashtag #VeChainVideoContest and do not forget to mention @vechainofficial in your tweet.
  4. Submit your details and the video link using this survey form here. After submission, your video will be internally checked and reviewed by the contest team. Once approved, it will be added to Community Video Contest Submissions public YouTube playlist.
  5. Please mark your video as “not for kids” during your video upload when prompted by YouTube. This will allow VeChain team to add your video to VeChain playlist.
  6. Highly encouraged: You may advertise and post your video to technology, business, blockchain and other relevant social media channels such as Facebook, Reddit, etc. to generate more discussion and attention to your video. Don’t forget to include your own call-to-action for viewers to watch the video, such as the tagging of your friends, other KOLs, etc.

Addititonal Information:

How Will The Winners be Announced

  • Only submissions between June 8th 2020, 22:00 (UTC+8) to June 30th 2020, 22:00 (UTC+8) will be accepted.
  • After submitting your entry, VeChain holds the right to redistribute any and all portions of your work.
  • The videos will be judged by VeChain and the Top 10 entries will be published on Top 10 Community Video Contest Submissions YouTube playlist and announced via the @vechainofficial Twitter account on July 5th, 2020.
  • Videos that make it to the Top 10 will be subject to a community vote through the VeVote platform to determine the final winners and ranking.

Top 10 Finalists Selection Criteria and VeVote Ranking:

The videos you submit will be judged by the Community, VeChain team, and selected partners of VeChain. VeChain holds the right to add additional qualified judges.

VeChain and partners will assess the videos based on this criteria:

  • 30% Correctness (Description of the video should include sources used)
  • 30% Creativity, Presentation and Quality
  • 40% General Impressions, Community Impact and Social Reach

The above criteria will be used to choose 10 videos that VeChain deems the best out of all submissions. On July 5th, 2020, the Top 10 videos will be announced, and there will be a decentralized VeVote community poll held to determine the final rankings. The final ranking of the winners will be determined based on the number of votes received.

This community vote will be open to all stakeholders who are eligible to vote on the VeVote platform. More details on the community voting process will be announced on July 5th, 2020. Make sure to prepare your node for the voting!

Content and Links for References

Terms And Conditions For Event Participation

  • Each person is only entitled to one (1) chance to win a Prize.
  • The following persons are not entitled to participate and are disqualified from the Contest:
    (a) Employees of VeChain and their immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children); 
    (b) Employees or staff of advertising and promotional agencies of VeChain and any other parties which are directly involved in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Contest, as determined by VeChain Foundation.
    (c) Group entries are allowed, but must be clearly stated in the video description and will be considered as 1 (one) entry only
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, VeChain Foundation reserves the right to intervene to ensure the intent and spirit of the competition is upheld.
  • All decision made by the VeChain Foundation is final. VeChain Foundation reserves the right to amend and/or modify the rules and guidelines stated in this article at any given time.