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VAIOT Testnet Incentive Program

VAIOT Testnet Incentive Program

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VAIOT Public Tesnet will introduce all vital functionalities which will be available on the Cosmos-based Mainnet. This will include the VAI payback mechanism, Intelligent Contracts, and VAI payments. Due to the complexity of the new features, especially those connected to blockchain they need to be extensively tested on the Testnet ahead of Mainnet go-live.

Online Leaderboard for Testers

First, there will be an online leaderboard set up in the upcoming days, on which all testers can track their score and that of each other. The number of suggestions given, functionality amendment suggestions, new functionalities, and bugs raised will count as aspects to earn points on the board. Furthermore, sharing the word about VAIOT, retweeting, quote tweeting, and mentions will also be available to earn points.

How to get points?

The leaderboard will track different components mentioned above, these are the points that you can earn:

  1. Each bug raised through the bug reporting form will earn 2 points.
  2. Development, system enhancement, and new functionality suggestions (after approval based on the quality of the suggestion) will earn 4 points.
  3. You’ll also be able to earn points by quote tweeting VAIOT (0.5 points) or creating a brand-new tweet to promote VAIOT (1 point). Keep in mind that you’ll need to fill out the twitter form (see below) to be eligible for the points. Furthermore, a maximum of 1.5 points per week can be collected from social messaging and sharing.

Finally, the winner of the best development suggestion of the week will earn extra points on the leaderboard (10 points) and the suggestion will be explained and promoted by VAIOT on its social media channels. So, be sure to give it your best shot!

Important Note: Maximum 1.5 points can be collected from social messaging and sharing throughout the week.

Where to report and share your thoughts (important links):

  1. Bug reporting
  2. 2. Development ideas and new functionality suggestions
  3. 3. Social actions reporting

Please note, when you’ve reported development suggestions, Twitter information, etc. you should receive an email and create a FREE Jira account to keep track of your status, tickets, and comments.


In case you start to panic and are now wondering: “Do I need to complete all of these tasks within the next week?”, not to worry. The testing period with additional tasks will run until Mainnet, which means you have time until Q1, 2023 to earn as many points as possible.

Long-term rewards:

  • VAIOT will distribute 5,000 USDT to TOP 10 testers of the entire Testnet campaign:
  • 2,000 USDT will be divided across testers places 4–10
  • Tester no 3 -> 1,000 USDT
  • Tester no 2 -> 2,000 USDT
  • Tester no 1 -> a magical trip to a popular blockchain event with ticket, flight, and hotel paid for by VAIOT

Short-term rewards:

  • Vaiot will be distributing 1,500 USDT divided among the 3 testers on the lead, every 3 months (the first distribution will happen on 1st of October 2022).
  • Best development idea or new functionality suggestion will be awarded with original VAIOT-branded accessories like t-shirts, ledgers, hoodies etc. every month.


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.




As previously mentioned, to obtain the best possible results and gather as much data as possible, VAIOT wants as many users to try out the Public Testnet as possible. Furthermore, as this is a long-term project and preparations for Mainnet will continue for a while, VAIOT wants to keep its community involved and engaged during this process, which is why it came up with the Incentive Program.

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